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The year 1974 was representative for an intense activity in the cultural and artistic field, considering the laic and religious choral music. This year was thee one in wich thee chorus in Targoviste was set-up.

Among conductors we mention:

  • between 1892 – 1943, the conductor Mr. Gh. Russu. “The Musical Reunion of Songs” group carried on its activity. In 1919 the name of the group was changed into “Cantarea Romaniei”, and this name was maintained till 1990.
  • 1945 – 1980 – professor Valeriu Dumitrescu.
  • 1974 – the year of the centenary of choral group, it’s also the year in wich the chorus won the first great national trophy, the competition taking place between 1970 – 1974 successive stages, eliminatory system.
  • In 1980 professor Gheorghe Dimancea became the conductor of this group.
  • In 1990 thee chorus is reorganized and restructured and its name has been changed into “Pro Musica”, having thee conductor mentioned above.

The repertory is enlarged with laic music as well as religious music (orthodo and catholic), with choral pieces from the universal repertory.

During the last 20 years, “Pro Musica” has been collaborating with Romanian lyrical singers as: Emilia Petrescu, Eleonora Enachescu, Mihaela Agachi, Elvira Carje, David Ohanesian, Pompei Harasteanu, Lucian Marinescu, Florin Georgescu, Emil Iurascu and others.

Several composers have written for “Pro Musica”: D. D. Botez, Radu Paladi, Doru Popovici, Constantin Romascanu, Felicia Donceanu and others.

The choral group took part in several national competitions as:

  • 1982 – Lugoj – the competition festival between districts “Ion Vidu” – the great trophy was won.
  • 1983 – Ciprian Porumbescu’s centenary, Bucharest and Suceava – the first prize was won.
  • 1988 – Pitesti – the “600” anniversary.

Up to the 1989, the choral group went on tour in: Bulgaria, Chechoslovakia, Russia, Ucraine, Letonia; after 1990 – Italy, being invited by “Plaisir de chanter” choral group in Sarthe for si concerts of laic music in localities as: Le Lude, Ruadin, Ivre L’Eveque, Saint – Maient, Le Mans, Arnage, a concert of religious music Chartre, 2 concerts at Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg and then the last concert was at a cathedral in Salzburg – Austria.

  • 1993 – 16 – 31 august, Italy again, the choral group being invited by “Polifonica” Choral association in Montereale Valcellina (Pordenone) for 4 concerts around Venice.
  • 1994 – 11 – 15 may – Targoviste – 120 years since the choral group set-up; at this celebration took part “Claye Vocale” choral group from Claye-Souilly, France, having as conductor Ms. Marie Helene Caspar, “Pro Musica” choral group, and other two choral groups; the concert has been held on the 13th of May 1994.
  • On July 1994 the Choral association “Pro Music” is to take part at the first edition of choral festival “Timotei Popovici” organized in Sibiu, here they are awarded the first prize and the biggest trophy.
  • On the summer of 1995 “Pro Music” made a tour through France being invited by “Claye Vocale” from Claye Souilly. There were performed shows at the Orthodox Church from Paris, Disneyland and in many other localities as: Paris, Le Mans, Bordeaux.

Due to its great success the chorus is invited in France again in 1996. “Pro Musica” gives shows at Paris on the occasion of “The Day of Music” and in other localities from around Paris and also in Normandy, Rouen and Dieppe.

We visited the towns: Anvers (Belgium), Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Haga (Holland), Munich (Germany), Prague (Czech), Bratislava (Slovakia), Hungary, Romania.

We had a concert at the “Sofitel” Hotel, Bucharest, in the presence of the cultural attaches of the European embassies. This was a “Pro Musica” concert, organized by the Village Museum.

  • In 1997 we were invited (by two friends of our chorus, Helene Caspar and Marie Agnes) to have a tour in France (Vaires, near Paris, Coupvray, La Rochelle, Toulouse) and in Spain> Gerona, Costa Brava, and then back to France towards Italy – Genova, Milan, Verona, Venice.

We had laic and religious music concerts together with Corina Chiriac and Dorin Teodorescu on Christmas and New Years Eve in Targoviste and Pitesti.

  • 1998 – a tour in France – Reims, Nagent, Paris (a concert in the Auditorium of the Sacre Coeur Basilica), Rosny Sans Bois, Paris, Cognac. Crossing Andorra we arrived in Spain – Barcelona, Costa Brava (the Mediterranean shore) and came back to Romania by France, Monte Carlo, Italy – San Remo, Pisa, Rome, Austria – Graz, Hungary.
  • 1999 – the celebration of 125 years of existence of the chorus of Targoviste.
  • 2000, 2001, 2002 – local concerts.
  • The 29th September, 2002 – a concert with “Pro Musica” held at thee solemnity of offering the “Soroptimist” diplomas, the branch of Targoviste.

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